Garden City To Garbage City? The Growing Garbage Crisis in Bangalore

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An agreement was signed in 2005 between Bangalore and Mandur village in Hoskote, agreeing to dump the city’s garbage in the village of Mandur for a year, but it was persistent for almost a decade. The vegetation, sanitation and health of the village has degraded ever since. To avoid this the village, refused to take in the waste from the city.

When the dump yard of Mandur sealed its gates to the garbage from the Bangalore city, garbage started accumulating in every corner of the city. The 225 members of the Karnataka government have no clue, as to what has to be done against the growing garbage crisis. Though a number of “we will fix it” have been promised, the government has still failed to be bob the builder.

Each day nearly 5000 tonnes of waste is produced and dumped. During the Mandur project nearly 200 trucks flooded with waste were being sent to the site. The government should come out with plans to not just clear and dump the garbage somewhere else, but efficiently carry out the process by planning out effectively in a scientific manner.

Most importantly, the people of Bangalore should alter their attitudes and start caring for the city they live in, by putting everything on the government won’t help! Each one of us should take the initiative by cleaning and clearing out our own neighbourhood. Moreover, the garbage can be effortlessly divided into recyclable (plastic, paper, clothing etc.) and organic waste (waste from food and others). Do you like it when your guests complain about how unclean the streets look? I bet it’s a NO!

Some methods in helping clear the garbage piles and making our city look its best are:

  1. Segregating waste from the source – It becomes easier for rag pickers and the BBMP to divide the waste into recyclable waste, organic waste and others.
  2. Each house produces close to a kilo of organic waste each day, this can be used to produce bio gas and other energy generating methods. It can also be used in farms and gardens as manure.
  3. Plastics, papers and other materials of future use can be reused and recycled with ease. We live in the days, where jute and recycled bags are trendy and stylish.
  4. It should be made mandatory for Shopping malls, hypermarkets and other stores to not give out plastic bags to its customers. Even though the government has taken action to drive away the use of plastic bags by charging for it, it hasn’t really hit heavily on the customer’s pocket.
  5. The government should invest by setting up garbage bins and large dumpsters, rather than digging holes in the ground to throw garbage.
  6. Bangalore being a big city, and a noticeable increasing population, more roll off trucks and vehicles for transporting garbage should be used along with proper sanitation and hygienic equipment’s provided to the BBMP workers.

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