beaches in Costa Rica

10 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

You might have heard people talking about Costa Rica. Known for their fab beaches, nightlife, happy society and low cost of living, Costa Rica has long been an enticing expat destination, with many North Americans…

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Traveling in Ahmedabad, India

Traveling in Ahmedabad India in the western state of Gujarat is a step back in time, with it’s historical momuments, It is also known as the home state of the current Indian Prime Minister (Modi),…

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Palolem Beach in Goa

There are many beaches in India, though Palolem Beach in Goa India is my favorite to date. It provides elevated beach huts with a balcony overlooking the surf, lots of restaurants and bars on the…

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Traveling in Rajastan

With the two main cities of India — Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay) — to the east and west, and the great Himalayas to the north, traveling in Rajasthan  is a journey into beautiful scenery and…

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Garden City To Garbage City? The Growing Garbage Crisis in Bangalore

An agreement was signed in 2005 between Bangalore and Mandur village in Hoskote, agreeing to dump the city’s garbage in the village of Mandur for a year, but it was persistent for almost a decade….

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Pondicherry Archives

The French Riviera of India, Pondicherry the former name of Puducherry is one of the biggest tourist attractions of India. From a French ville “Pondicherry” was changed to the Tamil natakam “Puducherry “on the 20th September…

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Things To Do in Seychelles

The republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean. With neighboring countries like Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Zanzibar, Mayotte and Reunion, Seychelles tops the least populated charts among the African states. Seychelles…

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Things to Do in The Island Country of Bahrain

Rich with culture and established on the Dilmun civilization, lays an island country on the shores of Persian gulf, Bahrain. With ancient architecture, archeological remains and sites leaning side by side with the modern lifestyle…

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Places to Visit in Goa

The most exotic sea destination in India, Goa is the ultimate spell caster. It has no dearth of travellers around the year to get the wind of the local bohemian life and loosen up. Since…

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Places To Visit in Tawang

The area of Tawang spans about 2085 sq. Km and the borders that falls in the different regions are respectively Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the South-west and Seal as well as West Kameng…

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