hostels in Bangalore

My Hostel Experience in Bangalore. Cuckoo vs Construkt

Finding a great place to stay can be the difference between a good travel and a great travel. Asmo Esser in this article tells us about his hostel experience in Bangalore. After arriving in Bangalore,…

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Backpackers, Travelers Hostels; What is it?

The traveler’s hostel concept may have started in Europe, but now a lot of places in Asia and South America are catching up. Many people think this is mostly for young people, but that’s not…

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hork ok please hostel mumbai Bandra

Horn Ok Please. The Mumbai Hostel Experience. A Review

A friend of mine from Finland introduced me to the travel and backpackers hostel concept. Before that, I had no idea about the travelers’ hostel concept. After I checked out the Travellers Hostel where my…

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Exotic Luxury and Heritage Hotels in India. Wildflower Himalayas, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Amidst the great mountains of Himalayas, lies the enchanted castle like hotel; the wildflower hall. This heritage hotel glamour’s among the snow topped mountains with its rich British colonial architecture. Wildflower hall is known to…

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